EU research projects have their very own structure and dynamics. Knowing this structure means knowing how to participate in the international research game.

During the past years, I gathered valuable experiences as part of the University of Hamburg’s coordination teams of two Horizon 2020 projects in the marine sector. My expertise specifically covers stakeholder engagement in EU marine projects, communication and dissemination, and the process of proposal writing.

PANDORA improves ecological and biological knowledge about our oceans to improve stock assessment models for commercial species. We engage with stakeholders to integrate local perspectives on the fishing sector, the environment and the tools needed for better managing fish stocks.
(Ended April 2022)

FutureMARES tests and implements Nature-based solutions (NBS) to adapt marine ecosystems to climate change. In cooperation with practitioners from Europe and CELAC countries, we develop a range of future scenarios and make policy recommendations for implementing NBS in the marine realm.

Writing EU research proposals and properly addressing call texts is an art form in itself. Having participated in the coordination and writing of three successful EU H2020 proposals, I can consult on how to plan and present Work Packages on Stakeholder Engagement and Communications.

Dr. Vera Köpsel

Institute for Marine Ecosystem and Fisheries Science (IMF)

University of Hamburg,

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